M.E.P. Stage Set 1M.E.P. Stage Set 2M.E.P. Stage Set 3M.E.P. Stage Set 4M.E.P. Stage Set 5M.E.P. Stage Set 6M.E.P. Illustrated 1M.E.P. Illustrated 2M.E.P. Illustrated 3M.E.P. Illustrated 4M.E.P. Illustrated 5M.E.P. Illustrated 6M.E.P. Illustrated 7M.E.P. Illustrated 8M.E.P. Illustrated 9M.E.P. Illustrated 10M.E.P. Illustrated 11M.E.P. Illustrated 12M.E.P. Illustrated 13M.E.P. Illustrated 14M.E.P. Illustrated 15M.E.P. Illustrated 16M.E.P. Illustrated 17M.E.P. Illustrated 18M.E.P. Illustrated 19M.E.P. Illustrated 20Clay 1Clay 2Clay 3Clay 4Clay 5Clay 6Clay 71234M.E.P.- Full FaceM.E.P.- Full Face
Detail 1M.E.P.- Full Face
Detail 2
M.E.P. Give and Take
Ongoing series of illustrations, animations, clay figures; an illustrated homage to Johan Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust from 1829.

Christian depictions of Biblical figures are a striking contrast to the prevention of visual representation in Islam. After finishing Goethe's novel, Mephistopheles became my new muse for experimenting with new forms of figurative depiction. Since 2007, I collect news imagery that I find to be compositionally interesting, and appropriate them to fit my story.